Knowledge is Power When It Comes To B2B Payment Solutions

Virtual Cards - When You Don't Use Them, You Miss a New Revenue Stream! [Free eBook Download]

Virtual Cards in the Business World: Virtual cards have been available for seven years, but there is still a large percentage of corporations and mid-sized companies that have not incorporated the use of V-Cards into their A/P payment automation process. Companies that are holding back from using Virtual Cards may not understand the potential benefits.

CFOs & Controllers: 10 Payment Automation Secrets Your Banker Won't Tell You ( a Free eBook Download)

As a CFO or Controller, you maintain a close relationship with your banker. As a result, working directly with your bank may seem like the natural step to automatic payment or to making your electronic payments easier, especially when you consider the demands for time of your finance staff, knowledge of your IT resources project list, and other staffing limitations.

Maximize Your Financial Opportunities with Accounts Payable

Accounts Payable is one of the most paper-burdened areas of the corporate landscape. Today, more companies are looking for ways to do more with less and get rid of wasteful processes. OnPay Solutions has teamed up with Chris Cosgrove, senior vice president and head of marketing at CloudX to share insight into the possibilities of a 'transformed' Accounts Payable process.

Spend More Time Managing Finances Not Managing Paper

Automating Accounts Payable doesn't have to start with a paradigm shift. Controllers seem stupefied to hear that a paradigm shift isn't required because they are frequently told that Automating Accounts Payable begins with creating workflows for automating invoice matching to purchase orders or electronifying routing invoices for approvals and so on.

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